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Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
taken. >> today, the budget comedy team of simpson-bowles released another version of their deficit reduction plan that congress will never do. simpson-bowles 2.0 is an attempt to split the difference between the president's current position and the congressional republican's current position on spending cuts and tax revenue increases. joining me now are our msnbc analysts, ezra klein and jared bernstein. ezra, we have the simpson-bowles to deal with, but most important thing, i'm scheduled to fly next friday. i have a change of planes here, what does that look like? how many air traffic controllers working? one per airport? what is going on. >> i wouldn't say the air traffic controller situation was looking so great before, i have flown out of jfk before. it is not easy, but the big thing about the sequester is not the amount of cuts that are crazy, although they are probably too high. it is not where the cuts are even going in a broad way is crazy. it is even within that, what we have done with the sequester is we can't choose where the cuts go. we can't say air traffic controller
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
is document that. we talk about how erskine bowles who is famous for the simpson- bowles plan, another version of the austerity plan, how he is on the board of morgan stanley and it's paid over $300,000 a year for a couple of hours of work on that board, how he is been paid over $600,000 on the board of facebook, which recently had a huge tax giveaway. that is just one example, at the tip of the iceberg, we have documented. people need to know this is sort of a pied piper operation by pete peterson and his buddies to try to claim the drug crisis is the debt when in fact a real crisis is our economy and a lack of focus on jobs. as dean baker said, you cannot cut your way to prosperity. in fact, it is like saying when the house is on fire, stop sending so much water on the far to put it out. >> tell me, have they responded? has he or his organization responded to peterson said pyramid? >> i think pete peterson has in and help the look at social security. as a man who is never going to need it, but most americans do need social security, one thing you see with the pete peterson organization he ha
Feb 23, 2013 10:00am PST
door number three. simpson/bowles version 2.0. this is an updated plan, a new plan by the team that was headed by democratic businessman erskine bowles and former republican senator allan simpson who chaired president obama's bipartisan fiscal commission back in 2010. remember the plan that got thrown under the bus. well, the new plan highlights cuts to the deficit of $2.4 trillion over the next decade. it gets there by raising $600 billion in new tax revenue, cutting $600 billion from medicare and medicaid and $1.2 trillion over ten years in additional spending cuts. diane swonk is chief economist at mesereau financial. alice rev lin was a member of the president's debt commission and is a senior fellow at the brookings institution. michael tanner is a senior fellow at the cato institute. thanks for being here. michael, you say we should not fear door number one. that is the forced budget cuts, what some people know as the skweser, as it stands, which goes into place on friday if we don't do anything. why? >> well, let's remember that first of all these are cults only in the w
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. so-called experts call simpson/bowles a serious plan. tonight i'll expose how it's seriously going to kill the economy. liberals, hold your ground. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their job because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole? >> the president takes his case to the people as the two salesmen for republican austerity are mobbed by protesters. >> pay your share of taxes. >> pay your tax. >> tonight, "time's" michael grunwald, jonathan alter and katrina vanden heuvel on how to dismantle the austerity bomb. >> 10,000 bucks? >>> the godfather of the conservative movement offers romney pocket change to anyone who can save the republican party. i'll show you why it's a lost cause. >>> plus, a virginia pizza shop owner uses a sick promotion to sell pies and push the nra agenda. >>> the beltway press takes their eye off the ball, complaining about bohm and tiger woods. the least popular senator is desperately attacking ashley judd. and
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
in favor of the simpson-bowles commission, it's his commission. alice simpson is the republican, bowls the investment banker former chief of staff for bill clinton. they want to cut social security and medicare. they were doing a presentation and a heckler busted it. >> pay your fair taxes. america wants to know. pay your fair taxes. >> go ahead and address this point. >> excuse me. >> we agree. >> if you look at where the tax expenditures paid, they're generally paid by people in the upper income brackets. >> that's absolutely not true. we have major corporations and you're part of that that are not paying their fair share. $2 trillion in the last 10 years. cenk: now, look, i'm not a big fan of heckling, but i believe on the facts they were right. the corporations are avoiding giant amount of taxes but we're going after social security and medicare as big pat of the cuts. bowls explains. >> there's no business in the country that makes its cuts across the board. you go in there and you try to surgically cut those things that have the least adverse effect on productivity, second you're
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
alan simpson and erskine bowles tried to push both sides to talk, calling the automatic spending cuts stupid. but even simpson and bowles are not optimistic. >> they'll go to sequester, and americans will be furious and irritated and disgusted, and they are already. they're disgusted at these people. >> reporter: still, simpson and bowles are urging "these people" to aim higher. they've offered a new plan, calling for an additional $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction. $600 billion from tax increases, the rest from cuts in health care and other government programs and changing the way social security benefits are indexed for inflation. there is plenty in this plan to upset democrats, but erskine bowles says his advice is simple. >> do it. you know, let's get out of our comfort zone, let's make the tough decisions we need to make in order to put our fiscal house in order. we've done the easy stuff, let's do the tough stuff. >> reporter: but conservatives are also unhappy with the latest simpson-bowles offer. first, it's a tax increase; and second, it doesn't tackle a projected $7.7 trill
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
. the president got some backing from budget hawks erskine bowles and alan simpson. they were back in the news today with a new plan to sharply reduce federal spending. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: the president was flanked by emergency responders who'd be hit hard if automatic spending cuts take effect on march 1, and he placed the blame on republicans. >> so far, at least what they've expressed is a preference where they'd rather have these cuts go into effect than close a single tax loophole for the wealthiest americans. not one. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down to the sequester, democrats and republicans are hunkered down for a fight. even so, budget commission co- chairs alan simpson and erskine bowles tried to push both sides to talk, calling the automatic spending cuts stupid. but even simpson and bowles are not optimistic. >> they'll go to sequester, and americans will be furious and irritated and disgusted, and they are already. they're disgusted at these people. >> reporter: still, simpson and bowles are urging "these people" to aim higher. they've offered a new plan, calli
Feb 24, 2013 12:00pm PST
an answer to it. finally, a look behind door number three, we've got simpson-bowles version 2.0. an updated plan, a new plan by the team that was headed by democratic businessman, erskine bowles and allen simpson who chaired president obama's bipartisan fiscal commission in 2010. the plan that got thrown under the bus. the new plan highlights cuts to the deficit of $2.4 trillion over the next decade. it gets there by raising $600 billion in new tax revenue. cutting $600 billion from medicare and medicaid. and $1.2 trillion over ten years, in additional spending cuts. diane swonk is the chief economist at. michael tanner is a senior fellow at the cato institute. welcome to all of you. michael, let me start with you, you say we should not fear doorm number one. the budget cuts, the sequester, why? >> well let's remember first of all, these are cuts only in the washington sense that any reduction from future planned increases in spending is a cut. the reality is, even if the sequester goes into effect, the federal government will spend more every year by 2022, it will spend $2 trillion more th
Feb 6, 2013 10:00am EST
bipartisan solution to that has been put forward by simpson-bowles. this has had widespread recognition by folks here in congress, folks outside of congress, business men and women as a possible solution to a long-term unified approach to our debt and deficit. the tenants of that of course deal with the tax expenditures that we deal with that and the health care costs that are going up. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. schrader: with that i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. price: i claim time in opposition. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. price: thanks, madam chair. i want to commend my colleague from oregon and colleagues that came together to submit this amendment as i believe it truly to be well-intentioned but i think it misses the mark. i think for two reasons specifically that it ought not be adopted by this body. first, it unnecessarily restricts the ability of the president to determine how he would balance the budget. remember, the underlying bill doesn't tie the president's hands in any way. it
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
together or just make everybody dig in their heels? meanwhile, the dynamic debt dee owe the simpson-bowles, they have a revised blueprint for a deal they say will cost $1 trillion more than it would in 2010. they're going to be here later to tell us about it. and will there be a path back to public life for mark sanford? the former governor wants to head back to grease. good morning from new york. it's tuesday, february 19th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. keep sending in your good morning greetings. we didn't have arable ones for today, but we want to hear from everybody that's watching today. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. with ten days left to prevent $5 billion in automatic spending cuts for the year kicking in, today we're going to get a taste of the president's end game. the white house plans to use that to at least reap political benefits if it goes into effect. less than two hours from now, the president will be surrounded by merge responders who could lose their jobs, described as the kinds of americans whose jobs are on the line if republica
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 3:00pm PST
will have a failed presidency. >> since simpson-bowles called for $600,000 in tax revenue, they say it obligates the g.o.p. claim to balance the budget without doing both. >> there is criticism of the president for not reaching out today. outreach on immigration. >> kerfuffle at the briefing because senator rubio office said they never heard from the white house on immigration. white house said there were five meetings. rubio folks said they were just briefing, not meetings. the president tried to put it to rest. the president op callous said he feels good about the prospect for a deal. senator rubio office says he feels good. everyone is good. the question is if they come together on a deal. >> how good? as ed reported general john allen is retiring from the u.s. military and will not seek the post of the nato supreme allied commander in europe. the white house originally pushed back on a report. but today issued a statement on the general's retirement. allen's nomination was put on hold while investigated as part of the scandal that was, that forced c.i.a. trekker david petraeus f
Feb 13, 2013 12:00am PST
. a after all we've been talking about all for two and-a-half years since simpson-bowles that would be a big boost to confidence and more than overtime the fiscal drag that's associated with having that deficit reduction continue. so in effect, that would be a strong stimulus, and i think a lot of people are missing that point. >> i think there's a bigger boost to confidence. i agree with roger but i think we need to get a longer term deal. the need america has for austerity is not today. i agree with david we don't need a sharp contraction today. what we need is a glide pat -- path for the -- we need growth and longer term os -- if we really wanted to promote confidence we would signal to the american people we're going to do something about the projectory of social security and medicare spending. >> the place where there's most agreement between the president and the republican is so social security interesting enough. the president has signaled he's not interested in medicaid cuts he thinks the program is already stretched he's not interested in raising the retirement age. he's signaled
FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
screen now! >> i'm sandra smith in for melissa francis. here's what's money tonight. it is a simpson-bowles sequel. they roll out a new plan to slash the deficit. this time with more spending cuts and less tax hikes. it sounds great. but does it have a snowball's chance in congress? today's power panel breaks it down. >>> health insurers get nauseous over medicare advantage cuts. the government may reimburse them less than thought which could bring a crushing blow to seniors and access to care. aetna health's former ceo is here to explain. >>> elizabeth warren taking a battering ram to banks and their regulators in congress and her assault is just beginning. we have a top bank industry expert with the inside scoop whether war can inflict big damage to our financial institutions. even when they say it's not it is always about money sandra: we start tonight with big news from alan simpson and erskin bowles. they used their new plan for deficit reduction. here it is in a nutshell. it calls for overhauling the tax code and implementing the tax cuts. it cuts the federal deficit by 2.4 doll trill
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
't get through simpson bowles. >> rose: bowles simpson, a very good effort. >> yes, yeah. and i think directionally a sound one. by the way i think the dom initchi rivlin which got much more coverage was in many respects also very thoughtful at this and really dealt with it in the broadest framework. just an example. we talk about cutting spending. one of the things that came out of the diminici-rivlin commission was that if we held, if we held defense spending flat, not cut it but just held it flat for five years and then let it grow with gdp which is what you do if are you in a business, would you look to gdp. and if we did the same thing with discretionary expenditures, the savings over the time period is now $700 billion. we don't even have to have-- . >> rose: that much. >> no, that's not bad. that's beginning to chip away at it. but $700 billion without having a discussion of what has to get cut simply making a commitment to maintaining it flat is fascinating to me. and that really just shows that the political discussion has pushed to the extremes. >> rose: the other thing that
Feb 19, 2013 10:00am PST
cuts kick in? re-enter the bipartisan budget cutters, the duo of simpson and bowles. >> there's no sfri in the country that makes cuts across the board. you try to cut those things that have the least adverse effect on productivity. second, we are cutting those areas where we actually need to invest education, infrastructure, research, and, third, they don't make any cuts in those things that are going faster than the economy. that's stupid, stupid, stupid. >> with us, former white house press secretary and a new msnbc contributor robert gibbs. cyber wars. china's army now targeting u.s. pipelines and nuclear plants. with us to discuss, the authors of a new report tracing the attacks to military headquarters in shanghai. plus, play of the day. while the press corps was banned from the president's golf outing, tiger woods, david letterman fills in the missing links. >> this is our president playing golf this weekend. huh? >> that's one way to do it. good day. andrea mitchell live in washington where president obama is surrounded by uniform police and is now issuing dire warnings about th
Feb 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
at what yo erse bottoms and simpson came forward with >> rose: the original simpson-bowles. >> the original simple zone bowls commission. >> they tried to be the center and have a centrist position. and so you might ask the question, as they have tried to find a centrist position, has their position moved more towards revenues of the kind that democrats favor or has it moved towards expenditure cuts that republicans favor. >> rose: anded what would be the answer. >> the answer would be very clear it moved very much towards expenditure cuts. they have moved in their concept of what the center is very much in the republican direction. that's why i actually think the moral legitimate, more legitimate concern is that somehow this debate is moving towards the people who lost the election rather than towards the people who won the election. i don't put overwhelming emphasis on that point because i agree with what you are saying, charlie that we need to try to find a compromise, here and it is important to move forward. >> rose: yes but -- >> let's be very clear about where the in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 478 (some duplicates have been removed)